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    Maggie BoogaartMaggie Boogaart

    Boogaart trained at London Contemporary Dance School (London) and the Martha Graham School (NYC), after which she worked as dancer and guest-choreographer with modern dance companies in the Netherlands, New York City and Spain as well as fusion-projects with, among others, a traditional South-Indian dance company, theatre companies and fashion designers.

    In addition, she founded Dragon Productions in 1994, which enabled her to create her own dance-theatre productions with the collaboration of composers, actors, break-dancers, poets etc.

    Maggie BoogaartHer choreographic language, often socially engaged, is always based on profound mouvement research in which the dancers/performers communicate the developpements of their inner landscapes in a non-verbal way to the audience.

    Most often, the research for her choreographies is the base for / further developped in thematic mouvement workshops for special groups like psychologists, managers of large companies,physiotherapists and people without vision (the blind) and their coaches (this last research was integrated in the scientific publication 'Body in Peace', by the Belgian physiotherapist Jan b Eyskens).

     "bewegingen zijn beurtelings weids en krachtig, of juist beklemmend en beperkt“ (Uitkrant)

    “ausdrucksstarke Bewegungen, Typisch für Boogaart’s Tanztheater” (Münstersche Zeitung)

    Maggie Boogaart

    Another example is Boogaart's "Feel the Spirit" workshop, conceptualized in 2005 while creating her choreography on women's rights "It's My Right" in collaboration with the human rights department of Amnesty International in Amsterdam (NL).

    Both the dance-theatre performance "It's My Right" and the accompanying "Feel the Spirit" workshop where highly acclaimed by audience and media in the Netherlands, with a tour of 150 "Feel the Spirit" workshops in collaboration with Fitness First and several women's centres, women's shelters and asylum seekers centres. VIDEO "It's My Right"

    Next to her thematic workshops, Boogaart has been a teacher of contemporary dance, specialized in the Martha Graham technique and recognized by the faculty of the Martha Graham School NYC since 1998 in all major dance-academies in the Neherlands, often invited as guest teacher to dance departments of universities worldwide.

    In 2010, Boogaart moved to Paris where she teaches daily classes in contemporary dance (Graham technique, flow/release/contact, improvisation) and floor barre, open to students of all ages and all levels, including private classes and coaching.

    Since 2013 she directs an under-graduate dance program in Paris-France together with her partner, ex-principal ballet dancer Ghislain de Compreignac, preparing young talent to enter dance companies worldwide. 


    Maggie Boogaart in a choice of choreographies she created for her Dragon Productions:
    Maggie Boogaart Maggie Boogaart Maggie Boogaart Maggie Boogaart

    Maggie Boogaart