• Feel the spirit ... free the spirit

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    Feel the Spirit ... Free the Spirit!

    A fun, reflective and experiential empowerment workshop FOR WOMEN ONLY

     Ms Maggie Boogaart (choregrapher, dance teacher and ex-principal dancer) and Dr Tina Grigoriou (psychologist and researcher) integrate their respective disciplines to offer a workshop that encourages and helps women to reflect upon their emotional expression and experience through movement, talking and imagining.

    "Feel the Spirit is highly transformative on a soul level" (participant)

    This happens in a safe and fun environment and invites participants to consider what it feels like to be a whole person connected to their body, mind and soul! This can be a powerful but also empowering experience MOVING forward.  

    "Feel the spirit ... Free the spirit" helps females in a positive and natural way to use and strengthen their own psychological and physical resources in order to improve their self-esteem and pursue their life goals. We use principles of positive psychology and movement/dance to help women explore, understand and accept their embodied selves, female energy and sensuality.


    "the body cannot lie" - Martha Graham


    Feel the spirit ... free the spirit


    This workshop will be beneficial to women who:

    - are interested in self-exploration and personal development

    - want to improve their self esteem

    - would like to be more confident in groups

    - are interested in finding ways to motivate themselves and set/pursue their life goals

    - would like to reconnect to their femininity and sensuality following the birth of a child

    - are undergoing hormonal changes (i.e. menopause) and feel insecure about their feminity

    - would like to to develop their assertiveness skills and claim their 'space' 

    - want to become kinder to themselves and develop self-compassion.

    Presentation"Educate a woman and you educate a nation”

    “Educate a man and you educate one person, educate a woman and you educate a nation” - Dr. Kwagyir Aggrey 

    Maggie and Tina invite you to Re-discover, Re-evaluate and Re-establish your beliefs about your self, your limitations and strengths in a safe and trusting environment.

    Re-connect with your emotions and your body.
    'Feel the spirit' and ultimately 'Free the spirit'

    Dancer / teacher Maggie Boogaart (B.A.) has created the base for this workshop as a result of her choreography "It's My Right", on women's rights (produced in collaboration with Amnesty International). Since 2006, she has run more than 150 workshops in Holland and France with higly positive feedback and reviews from the press and participants.

    Through her collaboration with Dr Tina Grigoriou (PsychD, Msc) the programme has been further developed, integrating principles of positive psychology and skills training to enhance participants' reflective experience and internal resource strengthening. This unique combination of techniques, dance & psychology, allows participants to free themselves of self defeating inhibitions deeply embedded in the brain. 


    Maggie Boogaart

    Boogaart trained at London Contemporary Dance School (London) and the Martha Graham School (NYC), after which she worked as dancer and guest-choreographer with modern dance companies in the Netherlands, New York City and Spain. In addition, she founded Dragon Productions in 1994, which enabled her to create her own dance-theatre productions with the collaboration of composers, actors, break-dancers, poets etc.

    Her choreographic language, often socially engaged, is always based on profound mouvement research in which the dancers/performers communicate the developpements of their inner landscapes in a non-verbal way to the audience. 

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    Dr Tina Grigoriou 

    Dr Grigoriou studied at the University of Surrey and holds a Doctorate and Masters degree in psychology (PsychD Counselling Psychology, Msc SocialPsychology). She is a chartered counselling psychologist registered with the British Psychological Society and accredited by the Health Professions Council.

    She has gained her experience both working in the NHS and in private therapy settings. She also worked as a research fellow for London Southbank University and contributed to publications of academic articles and books. 

    Dr Grigoriou provides individual and couples therapy but has also worked with groups in the past. Since 2009 she works in her own private practice in London called Sloane Psychology. She provides therapy for a range of psychological and emotional difficulties such as depression, trauma, anxiety disorders, eating disorders, personality disorders, relationship problems, sexual difficulties, low self esteem, work related stress, loss etc.  

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    Feel the spirit ... free the spirit

    Next workshop with Maggie Boogaart:
    Sunday November 29th. 2015
    14:00-18:00 hrs
    Centre de Danse du Marais, 41 rue du Temple, 75004 Paris.
    Price: 49 euro.
    Registration before November 10th 2015: send a cheque with the full amount to Maggie Boogaart, 51 rue du Temple 75004 Paris and mention on the enveloppe "Female Empowerment Workshop".

    Next workshop with Maggie Boogaart & Tina Grigoriou:

    Date : June 14, 2014             Time:   2pm to 6 pm                   Duration: 4 hours

    Address: Grace Belgravia, 11C West Halkin street, London SW1X 8JL

    Price: £185      -       Age: from 18 to 80.                 

    * Limited number of participants, to ensure personal attention.
    * Please arrive as of 1.30pm for registration.

    To register, send an e-mail to rsvp@gracebelgravia.com or call +44 20 7235 8900 ext. 1

     : Experience in dance is not required – level of movement will be adapted to the level of participants. Please bring comfortable clothing (leggings, T-shirt, socks) and your favorite high heels for our 'power-walk' in the grand finale!

    For more information: mail us through the contact form or call: 0779 9655 625

    Feel the spirit ... free the spirit